I started frequenting the Conservatory of Music and Choreographic Art of Salé at an early age. I followed solfeggio and violin courses, and I was a member of the conservatory orchestra for 3 years and member of an Andalusian music orchestra for 7 years.

I have participated in several national festivals and events of Andalusian music, with several orchestras such as the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Rabat, the Chabab El Andalous Orchestra and the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Fez. Some festivals I participated in are:

  • National festival of Andalusian music in Fez;
  • The meeting of Andalusian musics in Chefchaouen;
  • Regional festival of Andalusian music in Rabat.

When I arrived to the city of Cagliari, I participated at various events for the birthday of Fabrizio De Andrè in the province of Cagliari.

I also gave a lecture on “Art music of Morocco” at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Music (LABIMUS) in collaboration with the professor Ignazio Macchiarella.