The support of a qualified coach is crucial to keep the motivation of sportspeople high and help them pursuing an active lifestyle.
In this paper, we discuss the scenario in which a coach follows sportspeople remotely by means of an eHealth platform, named u4fit.
Having to deal with several users at the same time, with no direct human contact, means that it is hard for coaches to quickly spot who, among the people she follows, needs a more timely support.
To this end, in this paper we present an automated approach that analyses the adherence of sportspeople to their planned workout routines.
The approach is able to suggest to the coach the sportspeople who need earlier support due to a poor performance.
Experiments on real data, evaluated through classic accuracy metrics, show the effectiveness of our approach.

Full text is available here.

Conference: Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems co-located with Twelfth ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (HealthRecSys'18)