The Project consists of a an application used to control an embedded system moving on a 2-dimensional level, meaning we will concentrate on developing an application for mobile phones as well as the fine tuning of the operating system of the embedded system.

The application is developed using the Java language oriented for Android. The embedded system has a Raspberry Pi as central unity to control it, and uses Linux as operating system.

The user has two principal ways to control the Rivasbot :

  • He can go the Piloting section to receive a real time feedback of a camera installed on the front of our Robot, he can then order the robot to advance, to turn right, left, or to go back; the robot will then follow the instructions in real time

  • He can also go to the Drawing rubric where he is given the choice of using a specially designed interface to choose or make a set of instructions for the robot to follow.

The instructions are mostly the ones as the instructions proposed in the Piloting section, but here the user can determine the time the displacements will take. After editing his selection, the user can order to Robot to follow it systematically.

The user can also take pictures using the camera of the Rivasbot, the pictures are then stored in the memory of the mobile phone running our application. The user can see these photos by going to the “My Gallery” section.

Tools: Raspberry Pi 2, JAVA, Android, Pi4J, Scrum.

Tasks: Project management, Functional Specifications, Software design & development.